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KnowHow aims to demonstrate a novel Knowledge Management Platform as a Service (KM-PaaS) environment for social business applications, and to prepare the ground for its commercial exploitation.

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The future of business is social! Social media such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube continue to advance, attracting billions of users every day. Social media has grown out of infancy stages and we have entered a fully-fledged social media age, in which more and more companies are using social media tools to drive their business. A recent study confirms that 9 out of every 10 businesses using social web technology see measurable business benefits from its use. Through co-creation or co-learning, the community in social businesses adds value to the enterprise. Additionally, they see improved efficiency due to an open information flow and ad-hoc information access. Hence, in the coming 10 years it is expected that most disruptive technologies will include social

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The KnowHow demonstration project aims to bridge the chasm between research and market  by verifying the marketability of an innovative solution in order to facilitate the commercialization  of the research results. In our case, KnowHow will up-scale several experimental KM components to a cloud-based KM-Platform and by doing  so enable the participating SMEs to offer each KM component as a Service. This approach  provides significant benefits to each SME partner.

Advantages for the SME participants

The advantages to the SME participants rise from two major ICT trends underpinning the  KnowHow KM Platform:  Platform-as-a-Service/Cloud Computing and Social Business/ Enterprise 2.0.

Cloud Computing refers to software on remote computers, which users access over the internet  on the device of their choice. The benefits are

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