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Innovation through the trials of KnowHow demonstrator

The innovation contribution of the project is not only in relation to the proposed development of a cloud-based knowledge management platform for social business, but also, in relation to the use of this system for developing vertical social business solutions in four application domains: collaborative innovation, social enterprise, supply chain networking, and social media marketing. Through these four trials, the consortium intends to validate and demonstrate that the KnowHow KM-PaaS system can be extended to the broad market and employed by a variety of SMEs from different knowledge-intensive business areas.


CAS Software AG

The CAS trial in the KnowHow project focuses on social business platforms for collaborative innovation targeting associations. Within the scope of the project, CAS has implemented, operated, and validated a collaborative innovation platform enriched with the KnowHow capabilities for the largest ICT-oriented association in Baden-Württemberg.
The platform for supporting and facilitating social business collaboration among associations has functionalities for different roles. On the one hand, the organizers working at the trial association, and on the other hand the members. Members can be associations, companies, employees or people looking for job opportunities. 



Within the scope of LTC's trial the aim was to demonstrate the improved usability of knowledge management processes for the large community of language service providers (LSPs). LSPs can benefit from enhanced technology applications to support the core, collaborative business of multilingual services. LTC aimed to demonstrate the KnowHow KM-PaaS platform as a potential feature of any workflow and business process system for the multilingual organisation.
In the context of the social enterprise, the LTC trial has developed, implemented and validated the KnowHow applications for the collaboration portal of the existing LTC management platform (see figure below). The system is a business process management system for the language industry, to coordinate andand increase efficiency in carrying out translation and other types of language services projects.


Syria Informatica

Syria Informatica produces and develops an internet portal of the genus Enterprise 2.0 with CMS Content Management System platform and comprehensive features for e-commerce. With the KnowHow Project, Syria Informatica aimed to demonstrate the KnowHow KM-PaaS features, when integrated into its own CMS platform, to exploit the benefits of its intelligent information analysis features. To carry out this demonstration, and to organize the launch of this platform, Syria Informatica has performed its trial in collaboration with consortium of 70 companies, dealing within the automotive aftermarket.


ASN - Active Social Networking

The trial of ASN targets trade fair organizers. ASN has set up and operated a trade fair platform, providing knowledge management services to trade fair exhibitors and trade fair visitors. The platform has been developed in collaboration with the largest trade fair organizer in the area, and tested in the frame of two exhibitions delivering feedback and allowing for improvements in an iterative manner.
The scope of the trial was the collection of information of exhibitors and visitors, creation of associated profiles and matching offers and requests in order to increase the impact of the fair for all stakeholders (i.e. visitors and exhibitors) and secure existing customer base for the trade fair organizer. The user might create visitor profiles directly or with linkage to social media profiles. Detailed information of the visitor is collected during an initial validation process. At the same time, the trade fair organizer might use the analysis of the collected information for improving future fairs, increase internal process efficiency and perform targeted social marketing activities.




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